If you receive an item that is broken or not as-advertised, it can be returned for a full refund. TackTackRoom can also issue a partial refund, as agreed upon between yourself and the seller. If you wish to open a dispute, click "Accept or Reject Item" on your order dashboard, then "No, Not Satisfied", and then explain your dispute. Once we've received your dispute, we can help you through the process. It is important that you open the dispute within 3 days of receiving the item. After 3 days, the order becomes non-refundable.

Ultimately, TackTackRoom is a community and sellers are typically eager to work with buyers to make things right.

If you receive an item and decide that it is simply not for you, the seller is not required to issue a refund but they do have the option to do so (minus 3% fee for payment processing). Contact them through the site to ask about a refund, or re-list the item for sale. If you liked it enough to buy it, it's likely that someone else will too.


If TackTackRoom deems that your dispute is legitimate, you will have two options:

Negotiate a partial refund with the seller. Once you've both agreed to it in messaging we'll apply the refund to your card.

OR, ship the item back to the seller and receive a full refund. If you chose this option, use the information from the original label to create a new label online or at the post office. Be sure to get a tracking number and keep the receipt. Send us the receipt and the tracking number once you've sent your item. You have 3 days to provide TackTackRoom with the return tracking information. We'll issue a full refund when the item has been returned in the condition that it was received. The seller would be responsible for the return shipping costs.


Since TackTackRoom is a marketplace full of unique sellers, return policies differ by user.
By default, the products in the tab "SHOP" and on sale, are final sales. No returns or exchanges.
But while some sellers may not offer a return policy, we encourage you to message the seller to find out specifics before making a purchase.

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