Listing items on TackTackRoom is FREE. When you make a sale, we take a small fee.

If you want the tacktackroom fee transparent for you, we recommend you to simply increase your price of the small cut we take (7%) : You will be even.
Your price x 1.07 = TackTackRoom price.

(In addition 3% goes to the payment processor)

The fees are used to promote listing online thru facebook Ad or google Ad, to give your more chance to sell your tack.

 TackTackRoom's fees are lower than any other sports marketplace, including eBay.

  • The fee for selling on TackTackRoom is 10% of the final item price. Of that 10%, TackTackRoom takes 7% and the rest is credit card processing fees.

  • If you sell an item for $100, for example, you will walk away with $90.

We sometimes waive fees for promotions. Create an account to stay tuned on our latest deals.

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