In the event that a buyer receives an item that is broken or not as-advertised, it can be returned for a full refund. TackTackRoom can also issue a partial refund, as agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.  This is the recommended option, as it saves the buyer the hassle of returning the item and maintains the seller's seller reputation. Merely contact TackTackRoom Support once a partial refund amount has been agreed upon. The best buyers and sellers are communicative and polite! Please keep all negotiations civil.

What is covered under a dispute?

  • Undisclosed damage

  • Incorrect or missing item

  • Item not as described

  • Item is not authentic

What is NOT covered under a dispute?

  • Item received as advertised

  • Item does not fit

  • No longer want the item

  • Shipping time

If the item is as advertised and the buyer has determined that it’s simply not for them, then the seller is not obligated to accept a return, but has the option to do so. TackTackRoom recommends that the buyer list the item for sale in their locker. If the buyer liked the item enough to buy it, then it's likely that someone else will too.

All disputing buyers have to enter the TackTackRoom Dispute protocol to prove that the order is worthy of a return and a refund. Only TackTackRoom can refund an order, meaning a buyer cannot withdraw a payment without TackTackRoom's authorization.

We always defer to tracking on an order. If tracking shows that the package has been delivered, TackTackRoom considers the order delivered, even if the buyer claims otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding the status of a dispute, please do not hesitate to contact Please always reference your Tack ID # when contacting Support. 

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