Buyers are usually looking for one of two things on TackTackRoom, great deals and unique gear.


Buyers on TackTackRoom are always looking for a good deal. Price your items well to make sure they sell quickly.

  • Google your item and find the lowest available retail price online

  • If lightly used, consider pricing your item AT LEAST 50% off retail

  • If brand new, consider pricing your item AT LEAST 25% off retail


Photos matter. A few extra seconds of preparation go a long way. Great photos means more sales.

  • Quantity and quality matter

  • Take lots of photos! Always have more than 1 picture of your tack.

  • Take photos with a solid (one-color) background and good lighting. Natural light is best.

  • Take pictures of the item from every conceivably relevant angle

  • If there is an issue with the item, include a specific picture (fraying, tears, etc.)

  • A buyer should never be asking for additional pictures

  • Always include pictures of the stamp under the flap when selling used saddle

  • Do NOT post stock, generic online photos. Post ACTUAL pictures of the exact item you’re selling

  • Here are some examples below

Item description

Buyers want to know all the details before pulling the trigger, so the more information you provide the better.

  • Err on the side of being too thorough in your description of the item.

  • Explain when the item was purchased and how many times it was used

  • Describe the condition in detail. (See Seller Integrity below: be honest about condition)

  • When relevant, elaborate on item significance (Used only for recreational, no competition, etc.)

  • Many buyers will want to know why you’re selling… Not the right fit, style? Done with the sport? Etc.

  • Be sure to include sizing!


  • Use a box adjusted to the size of your item

  • Protect the item with bubble wrap if possible

  • Ship your item as soon as possible


Selling on TackTackRoom can be as easy as receiving a payment but often buyers have some questions. We make it easy to negotiate and ask questions through the TackTackRoom chat or offer process.

  • Buyers can purchase items at the listed price at anytime.

  • Buyers can also send messages and make offers below your ask price.

  • In comments, always reply below the comment of the person you’re talking to so they’re notified of your response.

  • Respond to all inquiries in a civil manner. (See below)

  • Always respond. If you feel that a user is lowballing you, instead of ignoring them you should respectfully communicate that you’re looking for a better offer. Often, they’ll up their ante.

  • Keep all communications on TackTackRoom. It’s the only way we can provide security on a transaction, for both buyer and seller.

  • If a buyer asks for your contact info (phone number, email address, Instagram, etc.) please insist that you’d rather keep communications on site. Sharing personal contact information on TackTackRoom is against our terms of use and can result in account suspension.

Getting Paid

Everyone loves payday. Sellers on TackTackRoom get that feeling all the time.

  • All sellers have a TackTackRoom Seller Dashboard When an item sells, the payment will appear there.

  • The funds are held in the “Pending Balance” until your item is delivered to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

  • We track the shipment and release the funds to the seller’s “Available Balance” once it’s arrived and cleared a 3-day dispute window.

  • Funds in the available balance can be “cashed out” directly to the seller’s bank account. All bank and payment information is handled securely by our partner Stripe, the world’s leading payment processor.

  • Payouts generally take 2-3 business days to process. For example, payouts received on a Monday are paid out by Wednesday/Friday, and payouts received on a Tuesday are paid out by Thursday/Friday.

  • If the funds move back to your available balance after you’ve attempted to cash out, that means you’ve input invalid banking information. Please click “Change” underneath your saved bank info and submit valid account and routing numbers.

Seller Integrity

  • Our mission at TackTackRoom is to make equestrian sport more affordable. To do this, we connect athletes so that they can find great deals on new and used equipment, and turn their extra gear into cash. We rely on our sellers to fulfill that mission.

  • Sellers develop a reputation very quickly on site. Your reputation matters.

  • Be responsive, communicative, honest, and fair and you’ll find it much easier to sell.

  • Make it your mission to ship as quickly as possible.

  • Communicate early and often regarding the status of your order.

  • As soon as a buyer has purchased your item, give them an approximate shipping date. Keep them in the loop in case that date changes.

  • If a buyer has purchased an item you no longer possess or an item that is no longer in its advertised condition, message the BUYER FIRST with an eye towards coming to a resolution then and there. (Perhaps you have another item to offer the buyer.) Once you’ve settled on a course of action with the buyer, then contact TackTackRoom via live chat or by email.

Additional Seller Expectations

  • As a seller on TackTackRoom, you are expected to keep your tackroom up to date. If you’ve sold/traded an item off site or if you’ve used an item that you previously advertised as “brand new”, you’re expected to update your tackroom and items accordingly.

  • TackTackRoom’s priority is to ensure a positive selling and buying experience. If we’re made aware of a seller creating negative buying experiences (and vice versa), we will handle the situation accordingly. TackTackRoom reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a seller’s account for a poor selling/shipping record.

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