A trade can be canceled for a number of reasons.

  • If there's been little to no communication from the seller and more than a week has passed since the purchase was made, the order has likely been canceled because the seller has been unresponsive to TackTackRoom's numerous shipping status inquiries. At a certain point, when TackTackRoom can no longer ensure that the item purchased is going to be shipped at all, it becomes our priority to protect the buyer's payment and put the funds from the purchase back onto their card.

  • A trade can also be canceled because the buyer and seller have agreed to a refund prior to shipment, the payment connected to the order was fraudulent, the item was returned to the seller, or the package was lost in transit.

  • Only TackTackRoom can cancel a sale. If you believe that the swap was canceled in error, please do not hesitate to contact support@tacktackroom.com. Please always reference the Tack ID.

Once TackTackRoom refunds a payment, it’s immediately processed on our end. Some banks process refunds immediately and others can take a week, plus or minus, to process refunds. It depends entirely on that specific bank's protocol. Both the buyer and seller should have received a receipt.

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