Seller covers the cost of shipping and must add the tracking number to capture the customer payment and keep the order processing. Upon making a sale. Both the buyer and seller will be able to track the package as soon as the seller has added the tracking number. The tracking will not update until the package has been scanned by the shipping provider.

We expect our sellers to ship the item within 3 days of the date of sale. If the seller has not shipped the item after 4 days, they will be contacted by TackTackRoom. They will be contacted again after 6 and 7 days. If after 7 days the item still hasn’t been shipped and TackTackRoom doesn't have an update from the seller, then the buyer will be refunded.

The funds in the seller's Seller Dashboard become available to cash out as soon as the buyer has approved the sale or automatically 4 days after the item has arrived at the buyer's address-- whichever comes first. If a buyer receives an item that arrives in a different condition than advertised, the buyer has 72 hours to open a dispute on the order. After 72 hours, the order becomes non-refundable.

Good buyers confirm sales quickly and always leave feedback. Only TackTackRoom can refund an order, meaning a buyer cannot withdraw a payment without TackTackRoom's consent. We always defer to tracking on an order. If tracking shows that the package has been delivered, TackTackRoom considers the order delivered, even if the buyer claims otherwise.

Keeping communications on platform is to your benefit. When communications stay on site, you're guaranteed TackTackRoom Protection.

If you have any questions regarding an order, please do not hesitate to contact Please always reference your Order ID #.

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