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International shipping

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The main customs form required is a Commercial Invoice; your shipping provider will have a template.

  • Most information is straightforward, such as address, dimensions, etc.

  • You will need to enter a Harmonised Tariff Schedule. This is a standard classification and can be found here. For example, a horse saddle is 420100.

  • A “Waybill” number is just the tracking number on your shipping label.

  • The “Reason for Export” will typically be a sale.

  • Make the description as specific as possible. For example, “A used horse saddle made in France with calf leather. Stamp Reference is SE01 18 4C PA ST RT 698474”

  • The country of origin is where the instrument was manufactured, not where you’re shipping from.

  • Do not mark your item as a gift. Buyers sometimes ask sellers to do this so they don’t have to pay duties or taxes. This is a surefire way to get your gear confiscated by customs.

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