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How does trading work?

TackTackRoom makes trading secure. Once you’ve agreed to a deal,  we protect you up to the value of your trade.


You're asking to be scammed by agreeing to a $1 trade. If you are scammed, TackTackRoom can only reimburse you the full cost of your order, nothing more.

Insure your trade! This means agreeing to buy each other's items at their FULL VALUE. When your side of the trade has arrived at the buyer's address, you get your money back and you're protected.

Here’s an example of how to trade:

You find a girth you really like (worth $100) and you want to trade for a bridle you have in your Tack Room (worth $100). Both you and the owner of the girth have indicated that you are willing to trade.

  1. Start by sending the other person a message. Confirm they’re willing to trade and agree to a value for each item.

  2. Set your items to the same price. In this case, $100 is the value of the trade. You can also send each other offers, rather than editing the listing price.

  3. Buy the items from each other via TackTackRoom. Both of you have to add the tracking numbers.

  4. Once the item you send is delivered, you can withdraw the cash you received ($100 minus insurance) to your bank account by clicking the “Cash Out” button in your Seller Dashboard.

  5. You only pay for shipping on the item you receive plus 10% of value of the item you sent-- in this example that would be $12 (that’s the insurance)!

  6. Leave feedback!

How am I protected?

TackTackRoom protects trades up to the value that is set for the deal. In this example, you’d be protected up to $100. If the other party fails to fulfill their end of the bargain, you’d receive the full value ($100 + shipping) of the gloves that you were supposed to receive.

What if I’m only looking to trade? How should I price my item?

Figure out the price of the item you’re looking to trade for and then price your listing at a slightly higher price. If your listing sells, you can use the proceeds to purchase that item you desire.

Example: You’re looking for an item that typically costs $50 on site. Price your listing at $60, plus or minus depending on shipping costs, and use the proceeds from your $60 sale to purchase the $50 item. Remember, there’s a 10% fee for selling on TackTackRoom.

Do NOT list your item at $1 or at any price below what you desire to sell the item for. Every listing has a “Buy Now” price meaning a buyer can purchase your item at whatever price you assign to the listing.

Do NOT list your item at $10000. TackTackRoom will hide listings with unrealistic price tags. TackTackRoom is a marketplace and there should never be unpurchasable listings on site.


  • If you agree to a low minimum (ex. $1), that’s the most you can be refunded if something goes wrong. That’s why we recommend full-value trades. Keep in mind that once you’ve set the price, anyone on TackTackRoom can buy it from you.

  • We can guarantee safety and refunds only if the transaction and communication takes place on TackTackRoom.

  • If you’re trading multiple items, create a new listing that includes all of the items that you plan to trade. If the trade isn’t completed, be sure to take this item down.

  • If items are not equal value, you can set different prices. This is what we call a Cash + tack trade. In this case, the person with the more valuable item is paid a higher amount.

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